Did you know that Heart of the Family is one of only a handful of 24/7 childcare centres in Ontario?

We are pioneering a new way of looking at childcare for today’s working families.

Many families today work non-traditional hours and may find themselves far from the support usually provided by family and friends when it comes to reliable child care.  Emergency services, single-parent homes, shift-workers, distribution and logistics, healthcare… there are so many people who work odd shifts that do not work with standard ‘daycare’ hours.  Enter the 24 Hour Centre!

The first centre to recognize the need for this type of service is located in Ottawa and the Board of Heart of the Family worked closely with this facility to help create the system you see here today.  An child care facility is difficult to manage under normal circumstances but enter in 24 hour a day, seven day a week care and you have a huge Administrative challenge!

Heart of the Family is very proud of the close working relationships we have with the City of Cornwall and the United Counties of SD&G as well as the many supporting agencies and government bodies that help us and guide us in giving the very best service and care we can to the people of this city.