As with the kindergarten program only more so, we really encourage and guide the children at heart of the Family in:

  • decision making,
  • choices,
  • conflict resolution,
  • open discussion,
  • peer association,
  • adult/child equality discussions,
  • freedom of expression, and
  • the right to be heard, listened to and respected

Our School Age program has the added opportunity for children to move freely throughout the center choosing where they would like to be. We have a variety of rooms available for their choice:

  • The lounge area is one option where they can enjoy a movie, or just sit, relax and read.
  • In the rug room, they can enjoy challenging board games or other cognitive skill activities.
  • The gym has co-operative games, and
  • Our computer room has video, computer activities, and games for all levels and age-groups.