We once asked the staff and families of Heart to give us three words that immediately come to mind when they think of Heart of the Family.  The top three words were: family, love, and commitment.

Our team embodies these values and demonstrates them on a daily basis. Take a moment to learn about our team members and how they can help you, your family and your children make the most of the programs here at Heart.

Christina Stephenson

Executive Director

Hello! My name is Christina Stephenson. I am a mom to 5 boys and Nana to 5 grandchildren. I have been involved in the Childcare world for over 30 years, starting as the Executive Director for a Preschool in Oshawa Ontario. After moving to New York State in the early 90’s, I received my early childhood educator’s certificate overseeing a daycare there until 2003. In 2009 I took the role as Executive director of Heart of the Family, building it from its inception to the incredible organization that it is today. Through Heart of the Family and the team here, we have been successful in creating a nontraditional daycare model that meets the needs of families needing extended care. My passion for children and family is the heart behind Heart of the family.

Wanda Hunt

Program Supervisor

My name is Wanda Gareau Hunt. I am a registered early childhood educator and I am honoured to be the program supervisor of Heart of the Family Child Care Centre.

I am a proud wife and mother to 3 spectacular boys, including one with Down syndrome. Having personal experience as a working mother with three children gives me an unequaled ability to understand and empathize with the challenges of today’s families.

I have over 28 years of experience in child care in various capacities which include owning and operating a nursery school, being the director of a small non-profit child care centre, and teaching in the Early Childhood Program at St, Lawrence College. I am responsible for overseeing the licensing of the centre and ensuring we meet or exceed the provisional standards.

I work closely with our executive director and in consultation with our pedagogical leader and team leaders (who know your children best!). I truly understand how important it is for families to feel confident and comfortable with the people caring for their child while you are busy meeting your responsibilities and commitments.

Heart of the Family has become my home away from home, and I sincerely hope it can become that for your child.

Brittany Stephenson

Pedagogical leader / Certified Resource Teacher

Hello there! My name is Brittany Stephenson and I am Heart of the Family’s Pedagogical Leader. My primary role is to help our educators understand how learning takes place and to ensure that they have the time and methods to reflect on their own practice, study children and explore multiple perspectives as well as to create systems and structures that support the values and vision they have for growing a quality learning environment. As a mom of three young children the learning process has been a wonderful experience to watch firsthand.  I am equally excited to be a small part of your child’s learning journey.

Stephanie Greig

Team leader / Scheduling coordinator

Stephanie was born and raised right here in Cornwall! Steph (as she is affectionately known around the Centre) is a Registered Early Childhood Educator who graduated from the Early Childhood Education Program at St. Lawrence College in 2011.

Before deciding to take the Early Childhood Education program, Steph had the opportunity to become a nanny in British Columbia for a year which confirmed her desire to work with children and to enter college.

Stephanie is very excited to be a part of Heart of the Family Child Care Centre! She started her journey with Heart as a co-op student in our Infant Program. Then, before graduation, we knew Steph was perfect for Heart of the Family and she worked as part-time evening staff beginning in December of 2010. Upon graduating, Stephanie was hired as full-time staff in our Toddler Program.

Stephanie is very passionate about making a difference in local children’s lives, and believes that one way of doing this is through education. Teaching is a powerful and essential means through which students and the educator alike can grow and strive to become the best representation of themselves that they can be, and ultimately inspire generations to come.

In addition to her regular duties, Stephanie is also currently the Chief of the Joint Health and Safety Committee here at the Centre. Since working with the toddlers she has become the scheduling coordinator for the centre.

Johanna Maynard

Support Staff

Hi my name is Johanna Maynard and I am working as a support staff throughout the centre. I am a graduate of special care counselling and am currently completing my ECE. 

I have been working with children with exceptional needs for 8 years and strive to provide an inclusive environment for every child I encounter.

Sarah Abraham

Preschool Team Lead

I have been working at Heart of the Family since September of 2011. I am a registered early childhood educator, an Ontario certified teacher, and have a Bachelor of Arts in Child Studies. Working with children has always been something I’ve wanted to do. Not only am I teaching children, they are also teaching me. They have taught me that their little minds are constantly absorbing new information, are eager to learn, and want to be challenged.

Tanya Stephenson

Preschool Team Lead

My name is Tanya Stephenson and I am a Preschool Team Leader working alongside Sarah. I have been working at Heart of the family since March 2012. I am a registered Early Childhood Educator, and have my Developmental Service Worker. I am a mother to two beautiful girls who have made me into the person I am today. I enjoy every aspect of teaching and have realized in my years of teaching that they can teach us as much as we teach them. We at Heart of the family make a great team with incredible passion for each individual child.

Vanessa Marsolais

Toddler Team Lead

Hi my name is Vanessa and I’m the toddler team lead. I have been working at Heart of the Family since 2014. I am a registered early childhood educator with a passion for nurturing and educating the minds of  our future. I have two children of my own who have given me the chance to see the world in a different light. I cannot wait to learn and grow with your children in their home away from home.

Christine Andrews

Infant Team Lead

My name is Christine Andrews and I am the infant team leader. 

I have been at Heart of the family for over 2 years. I have been an early childhood educator since 1997. I am a mom of 2 boys and was fortunate to spend 8 years home with them. This position allows me to put the same care and attention into the infants I care for each day. I love watching children explore new things and learn while doing so. I am dedicated to teaching your child and giving them the security of a home away from home.

Gina Price

Evening/Weekend Team Lead

My name is Gina Price and I am one of the evening/ weekend team leads along side of Jo-Ann Belmont.  I have been working for Heart of the Family since February 2015. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children who have shown me many different challenges.  This has only made me see how every child is different in their own special way.

Jo-Ann Belmonte

Evening/Weekend Team Lead

Hi! My name is Jo-ann Belmonte, but everyone just calls me Jo.

I’ve been a Team Leader at Heart of the Family since I graduated school and love my position. Currently I’m the Team Leader for evenings and weekends and could not be happier. I love the children and the staff I work with. In my free time I enjoy spending it with my three children and husband generally at a hockey arena, as both my boys play minor hockey. I want to thank you for trusting Heart Of The Family with your childcare.


Head Cook